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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pre-shower run and shower

Woke up this morning early to go running with my mom and husband , it was already in the 70's and raining at 8am. We went out anyway . We went to local outdoor park with a pebbled track and ran 2.5 miles in about 35 minutes. We did some walking intertwined , the rain which was nice to run in stopped half way through and it ended up being much hotter then when we originally went out. The run was good. We have begun prepping for the shower , which doesn't start until 3. I will tell you more about the shower and how things turned out later. We are going to a make your own pottery place so if my piece turns out cute, i will share with you.

Still no word on the new job front, I emailed one of the places that Interviewed with almost 3 weeks ago, no answer. I have a job , so I don't need to find a new job, just looking for something different.