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Friday, August 18, 2006

Short posts

I guess this has been the week of short posts. Sorry about that. I really just don't have much to report. I am prepping for my sister's shower tomorrow and can't spill any information about it here since she reads this . We are going to a pottery place it should be fun. I am also running tomorrow morning with my mom and husband before we prepare for the party.

Sunday my sister in law is turning 11 so I am not sure what fun activity we will be doing that day.

I'm excited to see my sister and her dress and talk about the wedding stuff.

Still no word on the job front from either interview. weird. Not even a regection letter.

I am still struggling to figure out what running plan is right for me right now. need new shoes and until I get them I think any long runs are going to be less comfortable then I would like.

Good news that at least the last few days my eatting habits have improved. Less fat, less junk, more fruits and veggies.


I have set up to start mall walking again for next week to supplement my running and other cardio. I also find some new exercises on spark to do for strengh training.

Mission Accomplished

Last night despite not wanting to go running in the heat, we went out for an evening run. The temperature was close to 80 still which was way too hot. As a result of that and the fact that it was so late, my run ended up being a walk/run combo. I felt crappy most of the run. I couldn't find a rhythm. I also had mapped out a new route, that I didn't realize was hilly.

At least we went out and did it though.

Total time 54 minutes
distance 3.6 miles
pace ~15 minutes

I also did some strength training while watching the TNT movie the Ron Clark Story, which was actually pretty good. I also had to pack last night as I am leaving to go to my parents after work to prep for my sister's wedding shower.

I just found some new strength things to try on spark with the amount of reps I should do so that is good.