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Monday, August 14, 2006


Ok ladies and any guys who read my blog, I need your help. I must do better about my eatting etc. I refuse to gain back the weight I lost for nothing. I am just being lazy and I know it. Today I tried to go to the gym and it was closed. ( It is only open from 6am -1pm this week so my days there this week are numbered. ) So we went out to dinner instead. I did choose something healthy off the menu. If I could just watch what I eat a bit better, which is my main problem, I know I wouldn't feel like I am floundering like I am right now.

So how can you help? Hold me accountable for my actions, cheer me on when I work out and just support me.

Guess Who's Back

Hi. I am back from vacation.

Here is a brief recap

Wednesday night: Arrived at cottage, hung out with Mom and Dad, had dinner, went for a walk. Got about 15 mosquito bites, decided going out after dark not a good idea.

Thursday: Went for a run at about 8:15 am, exact distance unknown, rough estimate based on time, 3 miles. Total time 52 minutes. We had to walk some segments because a dog kept following us. Other highlights of Thursday, lunch at a local eatery, preparations for my sister's shower. Itchy itchy from mosquito bites

Friday: We went to the outlet and to Meijer, hungout, more secret shower preparations.

Saturday: We got up early and went for a 3-4 mile run, highlight of that run was that I almost got dive bombed by a hawk, it was a close call. Total time : 70 minutes. We went out in the Pontoon and also had time to take a nap and go for a mini bike ride.

Sunday: Sad day, last day of vacation, didn't do much except prepare to come back.

I must admit I watched a ton of trash tv that I don't usually get at my house, including Celebrity Fit club, Project Runway, a segment of Flavor of love, and many others I am sure.

We got home yesterday afternoon, only to find that TNT is out, go figure the one time I plan on watching something on TNT that we don't get it all of a sudden.

Anyway I'm back at work, I hope this week goes fast.