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Monday, July 31, 2006

Holy Hotness batman

It is so hot today ,that I feel like I could fry eggs on the sidewalk or something.

I thought about running this morning, but it didn't happen. Mostly because I was nervous about the interview and wasn't sure running when it was already so humid was a good idea. I do hope to run tomorrow morning , perhaps at 6 again

I think tonight we are going to go to the gym since it has a/c not sure how long I want to work out for, but i figure we can put in a little time.

We are then going to visit with our friends and their new baby, in a/c. So hopefully it will be a cool evening.

The interview this afternoon went well, not sure I will get offered the job or if I want it even. Alot to think about. Also I don't recommend interviewin when it is that hot outside. I found it very hard to concentrate.