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Monday, July 24, 2006

AM Walk

This morning I actually didn't feel too sore, I think because I napped yesterday afternoon and otherwise kept moving until about 5 or so yesterday.

I went walking with the woman from work and her friends this morning for about 65 minutes. It was a good walk, with different uphill and downhill points so it was good to stretch my legs. After I felt pretty tired, but now I won't feel bad when I go home and nap after work.

They were just really fast

No wonder we felt so slow. My mom just read this on a local runners forum

OH/MI: deepest field of elite runners for any race around here, racing atmostphere.
Competition wise - OH/MI is number one.
the results from the past two years show around 50 runnere each year under six minute pace. five runners in the past two years were under five minute pace with two runners last year running under 19 minutes.