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Sunday, July 23, 2006

4 Mile Race

Today I competed in my first race beyond the 5k mark. It as a 4 mile road race that went from Ohio into Michigan and back. I knew going into the race that I wasn't going to be fast, and i as just worried about finishing. Running in the heat has been really hard. Luckily this morning it was in the mid seventies.
The run was supposed to be a 4 mile run/fitness walk, but when we started, everyone took off really fast and I am not sure where the walkers were if there were any. We were pretty much left in the dust. Luckily I was running with my mom and husband or I might have been discouraged by that.

Anyway the route was on paved country roads and we ran on one half of the street and traffic was on the other. The first mile didn't seem so bad, and I think were going to fast. I think our split was about 13:45 ( i can't really recall) except my mom's fuel belt broke shortly after that. It just split in half, like my husbands. This slowed us a bit, but once we resolved to ditch it, we were back on track.

There wasn't much to look at , just weeds, corn and telephone poles so it was hard to get in a good zone, we were also just running on straight stretches of road. We finished our second mile in about 29, at this point we knew were half way done, but still had a long ways to go.
The only bad thing about running in the country, was we kept encountering a manure smell, that forced to speed up past it.

At about 2.75 miles in , we saw the other runners doing their cool down runs past us. This was a bit discouraging. 3 mile time was about 40 minutes. We only had one mile to go. At this point I felt a blister developing at on my foot, but I just kept going.

When we turned the corner for the last .75 miles, I tried to speed up some and managed to pass a few runners, the end took us into a park and we got to run by the mist of sprinklers which was fun.

Final unofficial finish time : 53.20

UPDATE: Official time: 53:03:27. My mom finished third in her age group. Yay Mom.
The fastest runner finished in 19:31:61 , which confirms this really was a fast group.