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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday already.....

Since I worked on Monday and then had Tuesday off, I am a bit through off by the fact that today is Thursday. It is a good thing though since I really don't think I would make it much longer this week. I've been busy at work and the days have been long.

Speaking of work, I've been applying for jobs that look interesting on the university website, I don't hate my job, but definitely would move to a different department if there was a better opportunity, or even better more money involved. So I have applied for about 11 jobs and have already got called for two interviews in the last few days. The first one I turned down after re-reading the job description and realizing I wouldn't like it. The second one, I got a call on today. It is a decent sounding job, but I dont' think it pays any better than what I make now. I don't think I am willing to move jobs without a pay advancement of some sort. Do I interview and see if they will offer more money or not waste my time.

In other news 40 minutes on the eliptical machine today, didn't do any work on it last week so it felt good. I love that you can burn so many calories on the eliptical and it doesn't seem like a ton of work. In fact I read star magazine (don't worry I didn't buy it) and watched the Hills while working out. How fun is that.

I am happy that tomorrow is Friday.