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Sunday, July 02, 2006

How tired I am after today's run

The goal today was to do a 7 mile route running and walking. I really wasn't sure we would be able to finish it at all. We left the house a bit after 9 and it was already 78 degrees outside.
The first mile or so was ok. The second mile I was hot and tired and could have turned around, but we kept going. The halfway point involved two steep hills and honestly I wasn't sure we were going to make it back home. We were both really tired already and we still had 3.5 miles left to go. The next half mile was when things got complicated. My husband's fuel belt broke into two pieces. I ended up slipping it over my fuel belt and running with it. My husband got stuck running with his water bottle. I refused to just leave them behind, since the fuel belt is only a month old.

The next mile or so, I think perhaps because we stopped seemed really slow and agonizing. I wanted to be home. The weather started looking a little bleak, the winds had picked up at about the half way mark and we really thought we were going to get caught in the rain storm. Luckily for us, it was just windy, which helped with the heat. At about 5.5 miles into the run, I could really feel my muscles starting to get tired ,and I was sure I had a blister or two developing on my foot. Things just didn't feel right.

The next stretch of the run took us down a shady side street which was good , I don't think my body likes running on sidewalk, and on the main streets I can't run on the road because I am too slow, but here it was ok.

When we turned the last corner and it was a straight shot to the apartment, I just knew I had to keep going.

We made it. Total time was 2 hrs 15 minutes. Total distance 7.26 miles.

I did stop my watch for about half of the fuel belt fiasco and you have to figure in traffic lights etc, but my pace was 18.35 which isn' horrible.

at least we finished.
I am really tired now. We just went and had pancakes and I think I am ready for a nap now.