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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Non Stop

So in an effort to increase our running stamna and put in more miles per week, we decided that once a week, we would try to run for a mile non-stop and then keep increasing the speed.
If need be, we can walk a small portion, but we should try to run as much as we can.

We headed out this morning on our 1.02 mile run ( not sure why I couldn't get it to be exactly a mile on the map) It was about 7:15 and already 70 degrees with 95% humidity.

The run started out rough, I was tired, and really could have turned around and went back inside, but I trudged on . I finished the first 4 minutes, when I usually start walking , and kept on running, then it was make it to 8 and then it was at least make it to the final corner, and sure enough I did. I started getting a rhythm and increased and decreased speed without, saving enough energy to do a decent speed run to the finish.

Final time 13:43

I really actually enjoyed it much more then I thought I would.

I walked for a minute or so to cool down and then headed inside to get ready for work.

I have since then walked about 20 minutes to different places today. It is way too hot to be outside so I am glad I did something this morning.

Goal for tonight is to do some arm exercises.