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Monday, June 26, 2006

Goal Update

This blog is going to be short, as I decided that cutting down on the amount of time I spend on the computer at home is another goal.

I have been doing really well at goal 1, good for the most part on goal number two and three, and have been struggling with 4 &5. Although I did avoid turning on the tv yesterday afternoon, I watched a movie with the inlaws last night. Today so far I watched an hour of tv and probably will watch 1 hour more and hopefully that will be it.

As for reading, I read a magazine at gym today and one yesterday, but haven't really gotten into a book lately. I have some from the library that I need to pick up.

As for exercise for today.
I had two short walks at work today of about 10 minutes each.
Then at the gym tonight I did 12 minutes on the Stationary bike only to find it really didn't feel right and I also noticed it burns less calories then the eliptical so i switched and did 28 minutes on that.

Total workout 40 minutes at the gym.

May try to do some strength stuff while watching tv later, if not I will do it tomorrow for sure.

Night all.