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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paperclips Project

I highly recommend watching the Paperclips Project documentary. It is about a school in rural Tennessee whose teachers in an effort to teach about tolerance and diversity start teaching middle schoolers about the holocaust. The students can't really comprehend the number of people killed during the holocaust and start collecting paper clips in an effort to understand. The documentary follows the process and how the whole community ends up being affected by the project.

This is one of those documentaries that I think everyone should watch.

4 mile run

Today's scheduled run was 4 miles. run 4 min/walk 2. We didn't get out until about 10 am this morning and by then it was already sunny, humid but luckily not too hot. The route I chose this time had some hills and was in the direct sun since we really need to get used to the conditions.

The thing I notice about me and running is that sometime's its still the hardest thing for me to do, and other times it feels so natural and fun. Not that I ever dread running, I just get frustrated that I can only go so fast or for so long.

Once i hit the half way point, I felt better, knowing it was half way over.

My skin doesn't really like the sun and I tend to get sun rash even if i wear sunblock so i Need to figure out what to do about that.

I am glad I went out and ran, next week I think we need to go out earlier since we are doing the 7 mile.

Total distance 4.12
total time 1:03
average pace 15:18