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Saturday, June 24, 2006

New Goals

I am still working on ironing these out completely, but I need to start holding myself accountable for my actions again. I know you see that I have been working out, but what you don't see is that I've falling deeply off the healthy eating bandwagon, I have managed to get back on , but still have occasional tumbles.

So I am have decided that new goals will make me more accountable.

Immediate Goals
1. To stick to regular exercise routine and blog all forms of exercise
2. To record all food eatten in food journal of some sort.
3. To eat out less (goal is Once a month at a restaurant, 1-2 a month reasonably healthy takeout)
4. To watch less tv. (less then 2 hours a day) I have fallen victim to the new summer shows.
5. To read more

Long Term Goals
1. To lose 30 more pds at least
2. To run/walk in a 10k in November

Saturday Walk

I just got back from about an hour walk, since it is relatively cool out today, it would have a good day to run, but since I ran yesterday night, I knew I shouldn't run, so I decided to go for a walk. The weather was prefect, sun was out but not beating down on me, and it was generally pleasant. I did about a 3.3 mile walk in a little less then an hour.

Now of course, I am tired. I do plan to do some arm work later and go play in the pool.

Trying to find the perfect routine

I feel like even though we are doing a decent running plan, that I am not getting the most out of weekly work outs.

As most of you know, we have been doing the half marathon training program, even though we have no plans to do a half marathon.

I think this plan is definitely improving our endurance, but may not be helping with our overall improvement of our running.

I am thinking of continuing the pan but adding in another workout of 1 mile or so a week that would be just running as long as I can run and then walking.

I am also making some new goals. Should be posting them in just a bit.

Outdoor Evening Run

In an attempt to get used to running outside when its hot, we decided to take our Friday Treadmill run outside last night.
We headed out at about 6:00 or so. It was about 78 degrees and sunny, but lucky for us our neighborhood has a lot of good shady spots so we got the advantage of running outside and getting used to warmer temperatures, but were able to avoid too much direct sun light. We continued our schedule plan by doing a 5 minute warm up then a 40 minute run 3/walk 2 pace then walking a few minutes for cool down.

The workout wasn't bad, there was decent breeze on occasion.

Total distance 2.96 miles in 45 minutes
15 minutes per mile pace.

After our cooldown, we decided to go to the pool for additional cool down purposes.

Pool time 20 minutes