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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day off

Today I had the day off from work for my annual doctor's visit. Amazing how when you reach a certain age and say you are taking the day off to go to the doctors, most people assume you are pregnant. I had at least 4 people in my office ask me that. I replied no, I just don't want to come back to work after being poked and proded.
That is one of the downfalls of working in a small office, everyone tries to be in your business.

Doctor's appt went well. Officially got weighed and I've lost about 25 pd since my last doctor's appt a little over a year ago, which is good, I would still like to lose more though.

After my appt I came home and watched afternoon tv. Too bad it was mostly soaps, which I don't like.

I did the biggest loser boatcamp workout, which it was way too hot out to do. I also did some arm work as well.
Exercise Today: 20 Minutes biggest loser, 15 minutes strength
Exercise Yesterday: 40 minutes on Treadmill 5 minute warm up run 3/walk 2 total distance 2.83 miles.

Sorry no blog yesterday

I was going to blog after I got home from the gym yesterday, but didn't due to severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. The weather here didn't get that bad, down by my parents house there was tornado warning. I called them to make sure they were hiding in the hallway(they don't have a basement and used to make my sister and I hid in the pantry closet when we were little) My mom laughed and said it wasn't bad there. I told her our news stations were reporting a tornado only a few miles from their house. (although it hasn't been confirmed yet)
It was still storming pretty bad when i went to bed last night, today it is humid and pretty dry, although we have another t-storm watch today.
Crazy Michigan weather