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Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

Friday night after work we headed down to my parent's house since the 5k we were doing on Saturday was near my hometown.
Saturday we got up early to head to the race, it was already almost 80 and super sunny by the time the race started. The race route was pretty interesting it went in and out of a park, so parts were shady, the parts in the sun though were unbearable. The run was fun, I wasn't trying to go fast, just trying to finish. Finish time was 41.49.

Saturday afternoon, we were supposed to head back and go grocery shopping, but we didn't. We were too tired.

Sunday, I went to the pool for 30 minutes and did some leg and arm work in the water. It was nice and cool and refreshing. I came back to my place to shower and start doing the rest of the chores, but then there was a knock on my door and my in-laws, the mother in law, and the 5 and 10 year old were at the apartment. They stopped by because they were near by and wanted to get something to drink . My mother in law fell asleep and they ended up staying for 3 hours. Then we had to go over to his families house so i got nothing done.

On top of that we are having some sort of car trouble, the airconditioning compressor is making a weird noise, lets hope the fix doesn't cost us an arm and a leg.

Needless to say we should have grocery shopped before since i know either of us are going to be in the mood tonight. We also need to go the gym if the car is running ok.

ugh and it is only monday.