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Friday, June 16, 2006

Cotton Candy

As I mentioned early, we had 25 cent cotton candy at the amusement park when we went, I was happy to read here that

"While fair fave cotton candy isn't exactly good for you (oh come on - you CAN'T really be surprised that spun sugar isn't nutritious, can you?!), a 1 oz. cone of the stuff only contains around 100 calories or so, no fat and less sugar than a can of soda. So while we're not saying you should eat it every day, cotton candy might be a more sensible choice than a lot other carnival treats. WOOHOO...PAR-TAY!"

Thursday Run

With the 5k coming up tomorrow, both the Hubby and I wanted to do a practice run last night on the treadmill. We both said we were going to run until we couldn't anymore and then walk as needed. I think I ran about .70 miles before I walked .1 mile and then ran again. First Mile was 13:45 and then I switched to run 3/walk 2 for a while at varying speeds.

The total distance traveled was 2.75 miles in 40 minutes or about a 15 minute mile. I know we will probably be faster at the 5k , although we are feeling a bit sluggish and it is supposed to be hot Saturday.

Never enough time

I really need to get over not liking to get up in the morning or I really need to stop staying up so late. I wanted to go to the gym this morning, since we are leaving for my parent's tonight to run in a 5k tomorrow near their house.

I wanted to do a half hour work out, but didn't get out of the house until late and ended up only doing 20 minutes on the elliptical machine, which I suppose is better then nothing.

I did manage to finally take the two bags of clothes that need to go to charity to the drop off spot behind our gym. The clothes sat by the door of the apartment for at least a month and then in the backseat of the car for another week. So I feel good about getting that done.

Workout time
20 Minutes elliptical Machine

Book update

I forgot to write that I finished Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner. A book I borrowed from my older sister back in March. It is a chick lit/mystery book and it was actually pretty decent. (book 17 on the book challenge finished)

I just started Elizabeth Berg's We are all welcome here. About a girl growing up in the sixties whose mom contracted polio just before she was born. I just started to read the book, but it looks like it has potential.