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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Longest Run to date

I just finished my longest run to date. I tried to choose a running round t that would be fun, so we ran to douwntown and then back...going on different roads each way. The weather was nice, not to warm, about 65 and partly sunny. I was a bit nervous heading out, but I knew once we got started it wouldn't be so bad. We stuck to the run 3min /walk 2 min plan and it seemed to work pretty well. About 3.5 miles into it, I felt like I could have stopped and called it day, but since we were almost 3 miles from home, I just kept on going. It was fun having a different route to run, with new things to look at. For the most part the sidewalks weren't crowded, except when we got near the churches and then we had church traffic. I wanted to shout "running is my religion" but i didn't :)

As soon as we hit the last mile and a half, which is a stretch shot to my house, my momentum picked back up as I knew the end was near. I tried to stretch throughout my walking segments so I felt pretty good even to the end.

6.04 miles in1 hour 36 minutes.

I walked for a bit to make the total work out 1hr 4o minutes. Soon after stopped, my knees started to tighten, I did stretch and continue to stretch on occasion 2 hours later. Only lingering issue, a bit of stiffness in my right knee, and i may end up having to ice it.

Off to read and relax before dinner out with the in-laws to celebrate early birthday for my hubby, and then to watch a movie.