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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Let me just run to work

Well I got home from work today and realized that I had forgot to do something that really couldn't wait until tomorrow. I had just put on my workout clothes to do a cardio video at my house and was comtemplating what to do. I had the brilliant idea that I would run to work literally and finish what i needed to do and then I would ride home with my hubby who gets off work soon. Work is only a little over 2 miles away so I thought it wouldn't be that bad. Of course I am not used to running in the middle of the afternoon when the pollen is high, and it is 77 degrees and sunny. I managed to get here in about 30 minutes, and when I paced the route it came out to a 14:39 mile which isn't bad considering I walked parts of it. Luckily there was no one here when I got here since I am a sweaty mess. Luckily I had a cold bottle of water here.

The good news is I got the work done I needed to and managed to get my workout in as well.

I still need to do some strength training probably.

I don't know what this means for my scheduled treadmill run tomorrow. Maybe I won't run and I will do eliptical instead...and then run on Friday and Sunday as planned. We shall see.

Monday Run

Yesterday, I really didn't feel like running, but knew I needed to get in a run before Wednesday, so we headed to the gym. We decided 3o minutes was enough, instead of our usually 45. I did a mini walk warmup of 2 minutes and then headed into the run 3/walk 2. I was able to do some of the runs at 5+ miles per hour. It felt good to run fast. Total distance traveled 2.05 miles in 30 minutes.

I also did about 20 minutes of strength training at home.

Sorry the blogs are getting shorter, super busy at work this week. hopefully next week will be slower.