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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Strength Training

I have been trying to fit strength training in here and there, mostly on the stability ball at home. I do have 1lb weights at work that i use sometimes while on the phone. Not sure they do much though
I need to keep remembering to include strength into my work outs since i can definitely see the results when i do it.

Strength work:

Yesterday 25 minutes


Wednesday nights run was already scheduled for the treadmill and good thing, because it was hot and humid still outside. We headed to the gym after work for our 45 minute workout. I was a bit sluggish starting out since I hadn't run since Sunday, but got in the swing of things. We are still doing the run 3/walk 2 and that seems to be going pretty well. My runs are at about 4.7 or 4.8 and walks at about 3.2. I did do a segment or two at 5 and that was fun. About 3/4 of the way through the workout, I realized that I was experiencing some thigh chaffing and regretted wearing shorts and forgetting the body glide. I continued thinking it would go away, no such luck it go worse. By 38 minutes in I was ready to stop so I decided to switch to walking for the last 5 minutes which aleviated the problem.
Total distance traveled 2.91 miles
Total time on Treadmill 45 minutes including 5 minute warm up walk

We went to leave the gym and it was a torential downpour thunderstorm. We just thought it was raining hard and since it had been so hot I thought we could just run out to the car. By the time we got to the car, which was about 75 yards away we were both soaked. Since we were at the gym 45 minutes, it is hard to say how long it had been raining, but the streets were sort of flooding and it was thundering and lightning pretty heavily. We live about 1.5 miles from the gym, and it took forever to get home because of the rain.

Of course it cleared up about an hour later and was much cooler.