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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trail walking/running

This morning instead of mall walking, we decided to walk outside in the local nature area. The weather was decent, chilly but no rain. We walked for about 45 minutes before splitting up to head back to work. I decided since I was in the right clothes to go for a short run. I ran for a about 15 didn't take me that long to get back to work, but I decided to go around the block since the run felt good.

I am not sure of the total distance of the walk, but the run at the end comes out to be about a mile.

I had just downloaded "eye of the tiger" , which is great for running,

I am going walking outside again tomorrow morning and may do another short run depending on the time. I don't seem to have much time in the evening this week so hopefully i will be able to get some running in.

I am working until 8 tomorrow night and 6:30 on Thursday. I think I am going to be very tired by Thursday afternoon.
I think I will run Friday for sure since I have my next 5k on Sunday.

Last night while watching prison break and grey's anatomy I did 40 minutes of strength training using the stability ball.

Update: Monday totals
Trail walk 45 minutes
morning run 15 minutes
after lunch walk 15 minutes
library run 12 minutes
library walk 17 minutes