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Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Run

It was such a beautiful day today, that we decided to go for a run outside today instead of going to the gym. We both knew it wasn't going to be a long run since we just ran the 5k yesterday.

We headed out of the complex up the street to the first side street, we then wove our way through a little neighborhood that were slightly hilly but not as hilly has the race yesterday. The sun was out, but there was a good breeze and shade. We ran for about 15 minutes, stopping for a minute or two here and there to cross the street or communicate our next move. We then headed back to our complex and down to the streets behind us. Our run segment was about20 minutes. We then continued just walking for an additional 18 minutes. Total distance covered was about 2.1 miles in 38 minutes. Our run segment was about a 1.25 miles, we wen't really keeping track so I am not sure. It felt good to run, but I could definitely tell I was tired.

Running 20
Walking 18
Strength training on the ball while watching David Blaine 10 minutes

I have found a website called , where you can track your route and save your runs. It is pretty interesting.

Goal Setting

So Although I have been doing fairly well at keeping up with an exercise plan, I think I really need to set some goals of some sort for myself. I keep saying this and am really not doing it

So here I go.
1. To get back on track with eatting better, planning meals, not eating out as much.
2. To do strength training at least twice a week.
3. To run outside more, and increase total mileage per week.
4. To read more.

I think those are good for now. I am toying with setting a goal time for finishing a 5k , but i think I should avoid that since it isn't about how fast I finish, but that I am doing it.

I am hoping to run somewhere with my hubby tonight not a long run, but a nice outside run.

No Need for Speed

I just finished reading No need for speed, book 12 of my 50 book challenge. It was a really good book, I actually finished it while relaxing after the 5k yesterday.