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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Product Reviews

I have recently tried a few items new on the market or at least new to me and wanted to share my thoughts

Crystal Light on the go - although a bit pricy, $3.00 for 10, this is a really good product for people who don't drink pop. You can just add a packet of crystal light to a bottle of water, close and shake. It tastes just like crystal light. I have only tried the lemonade, but am sure the others are just as good.

Carb-Boom Energy Gel - I got a free sample of this at the gym, and my husband and I recently tried it. Of course we didn't try it in a running/race situation, but rather we tried it after the gym when my husband was hungry and in need of carbs. The consistency took some getting use to, but the taste was ok. I think this would be good for long races where you need a boost.

Eggo Flip Flop Waffles - I came across these while in the grocery this week. I was looking for easy lunch options and thought about getting waffles. Then I saw these, they have no more fat or saturated fat then a normal frozen diet meal, and they are quite yummy. I ate them toasted but without any topping.

Eager for Race

On my ride into work today, I saw a sign for the race that I am running this weekend. Then on my walk to work , I saw the whole Navy ROTC running, as well as random morning runners.
It made me eager to run.


I forgot to mention in my previous post that I didn't get anything from the doctor for my itchy/watery eyes, mainly because I visine and other products would be just as cheap as a prescription.

Any allergy sufferer's have any recommendations about eye drops?

No Water

We have no water at our office today. Isn't that a good enough reason to let us stay home. No I guess not, There is a portapotty outside, but I am not using it. There is an office across the way we can use, but what a pain.

Allergy update

Yesterday's trip to the allergist was interesting. I got a whole new batch of drugs to try. I am now taking Allergra in the daytime, Zyrtec at night, with a supplemental nasal spray. I also took a breathing test to rule out asthma. I did get a sample inhaler to try before running to see if it helps with the running induced cough I seem to be getting.

We shall see.

This is my first day on the new system so we shall see how drowsy I get. Hopefully I don't fall a sleep at work.