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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday Morning Run

I just got back from an outdoor run with my hubby. We just went down the main street near our house, past the place we got married, a little farther and then turn around and came back. We did 3.2 miles in 46 minutes for a average pace of 14:22 per mile. I ran for about 15 minutes before slowing briefly to a walk. The temperature was 60 and breezy which made for a nice run. It felt good to be outside and running.

Update: When I wrote this we had just finished running and I was famished and tired. To better re-cap the run, we headed out without much a plan in mind other then to run. We started running and just kept going until we got about 20 minutes out and I knew we should turn around rathe then be exhausted on our return trip.
The weather was nice, my allergies weren't too bothersome, I think once I am running I forget about it a bit. There weren't many people out the trail/sidewalks so that was nice.

It was a good relaxing run.

Saturday Update

Graduation last night was a big success. I managed to see both Judge Mathis and Braylon Edwards which was pretty cool. I didn't get home until 11pm last night so I was pretty exhausted.
I did manage to squeeze in a biggest loser workout before leaving

5 minute warm up
Biggest loser low-cardio 25minutes
Biggest loser weights 10 minutes