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Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Gym workout

After a weekend of walking and running, I was eager to get to the gym today. With the race on Saturday, I wanted to see exactly how long it would take me to go 5k.
I started with the 5 minute warmup walk. I realize now I should have done that and then the 5k plan, but realistically, I am going to need to warm up to a run the day of the race. I walked for 5 minutes and went .25 miles. I then started running and ran a full mile in about 13:30. I then slowed to a walk and had some water and walked 1.5 minutes. I then ran for 5 minutes walked for 1.5 ran for 4 walked for 1.5 ran for 3. Walked five minutes ran 2 ending the 45 minutes I had planned to do the 5k in. This had me at 2.95 miles. I reset the treadmill for 5 minutes and did .25 miles in 5 minutes.

Total time on Treadmill 50 minutes
Distance traveled 3.2 miles
Average speed 4 miles per hour (this average includes the walking) I ran at about 4.7 pace.

I am feeling good for the race on Saturday, I may try to run outsideWednesday morning and do eliptical at the gym in the afternoon, prehaps a short run on Friday morning before work since I will be heading to Toledo that evening.
Not sure though.

I also did the eliptical for 20 minutes.

Total time at gym 70 minutes
Total Calories burned 720
I'm am tired.