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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pancakes, Baby shower fun, and running

Go figure, I take the time to write a really long post and blogger eats it.

I had a good weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday with my Friend B who is having a baby in May. We went to ihop on Friday and I had banana nut pancakes...yummy. I also got to see her baby's nursery. It is so pretty. Saturday was her baby shower. She got lots of cool stuff and it was fun hanging out with her family and friends. I realized that the reason I like them so much is they are alot like my friends and family. While there, I was talking to one of B's friends about running. We may run together in the future.
I didn't get home until late on Saturday night.

Sunday, I did all my usual weekly chores. I also called the cable company and switched my cable down to just the basic channels. After spending the weekend without cable, I realize I turn on crap just to occupy time that I could be spending doing other things. It also saves about 35 dollars a month which is a good chunk of change.

Even though I had a stomachache on Sunday morning (PMS), I decided to run to the library near my house. The library is about a mile away, so I knew it wouldn't be that long of a run, but enough to get me out and about. It was about 50 degrees out with a wind chill of 45, but the sun was shining. I walked a minute or so and then started running. I ran for about 7 minutes until I hit my first crosswalk that i had to stop for, so I paused for a moment and caught my breathe and then ran for another few minutes. I then was winded and decided to walk a bit, now at this point i was really close to the library , so I diverted to the subdivision and apartment complexes near the library. Taking turnings running with a bit of walking. Total distance traveled 2 miles, total time 24 minutes.

I picked up my items from the library, got some water, and walked back home. The walk home was 15 minutes since i took the short route with no diversions, which was good because by the time I got home , my stomach was starting to cramp.

I am running a 5k in two weeks and I realize that I need to find a good running pace outside to be able to run longer without stopping. I don't expect to run the whole thing.

I forgot to mention that I also did some strength/ab work last night. About 25 minute total.