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Friday, April 07, 2006


So last night as I was waiting for hubby to get home to go to dinner, I decided I needed to move some of my spring clothes into the main closet and this spawned a session of lets play dress up. Its hard for me tell how much weight i've lost in my current winter clothes. Sure some of my jeans are baggy, and I'm losing weight I know that, but its not as visual. Trying on my summer skirts though, I realized that they are all longer and more loose then they were before, but still should be ok. Most of my summer dresses are too big or baggy. I think my capri's are fine just loose.

Going Away

I spending the night with one of my friends and going to her baby shower tommorrow. Which means a exercise rest day for me tomorrow. The shower should be lots of fun. I can't wait to see what cool stuff she gets.

Rain Rain every where but not a drop to drink

It is pouring rain here and i guess it has been all night. The streets are all filled with water. Luckily I was running at the gym today not outside. We got to the gym at about 7:15, and it was very empty. I got set up for my run and things were good until I realized I forgot my water. I did a 3 minute walking warmup since I was crunched for time and then I started running. I had adjusted the music on my shuffle to only songs I found I like to run to so the run seemed to be going really well other then the fact I knew I was becoming dehydrated. I set my sights on running at least a mile before stopping to head to the drinking fountain. First mile 13:30 ....stopped treadmill and spent a few minutes at the drinking fountain. My gym sells water too and if my hubby and his wallet weren't in the middle of the workout I would have asked him to buy a water for me. (reminder bring money to the gym just in case) I went back to the treadmill and ran for another 7 minutes at the same pace. I started to walk. I walked for two minutes At this point my hubby had finished his work out and I begged him to go get his wallet (which was in the car in the pouring rain) to get me a water. He did. (yay). I ran for two minutes while he got the water. Walked for 2 minutes while drinking the water and ran for another 3.5 minutes or so and then realized it was time to go. So I walked another 2 minutes and we left.

Total time on Treadmill 33 minutes
Total time running: 25 minutes

I guess that wasn't so bad, I realized now though, that water is the key to keeping me going.
I also think I didn't do bad considering we had macaroni grill last night. I only ate 1/2 of the chicken canneloni I ordered, but was still worried it was too heavy to eat before running.

Last night update:
15 minutes of strength :jiggle proof my arms.