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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The glory of re-runs

Amazingly enough, watching the Gilmore girls or any other re-run on tv seems to distract me from the elliptical Machine. I really wish it was the same on the treadmill, but I have trouble concentrating on the TV while running and I actually like lip-syncing to music while running. Today it was the Gilmore Girls again, the one where Rory and Dean are back together after he leaves his wife and they try to double date with Luke and Lorelai. I miss those days before Logan and April and all that is complicated the show.

I did 35 minutes on the machine, 4000 steps, about 375 calories burned.

New Hair and Tuesday update

So I got my hair cut last night and it looks really cute. I shall try to get the hubby to take a picture. It is really short in the back and longer in the front. I didn't get done with my haircut until 7:20 and we ended up getting carryout since I was so late.

I did manage to work in some strength training while watching House last night. I did 20 minutes of arm exercises.

I am a runner

On a daily basis lately, I've been silently questioning if I am in fact a runner. I have been running on a regular basis, but almost every run I do lately ends with me feeling frustrated and/or hurt. When I ran outside last Sunday I felt good running, and I think it was because I was outside and feeling less sick. I was once again disappointed on Mondays run. I haven't stopped running, I go out every day I'm scheduled to run and I run, but I was afraid I was lossing that joy of running and starting to dread it. This morning, after reading more of the courage to start, I realized that I need to stop being so hard on myself, and to find a pace no matter how slow it is and run and enjoy it. So I got to the gym at about 7:15 this morning and I remembered how much I love our gym in the morning, it is so quiet. I know I only have 35 minutes including my warm up. I did the 5 minute warm u p and I started running goal was to run at least 15 minutes, longer then I had run since being sick or getting the blister for that matter. I started at 4.4 on a zero grade and ran there for awhile, slowing down to 4.2 and switching the grade and speed occasionally. The run felt pretty good as I started to find my pace. The first mile finished in 13.58 and on I trod. I brought water this time and drank it regularily...15 minutes passed and I set a new goal 20 minutes...still going ....realize I need to take some songs on my shuffle because I skip by some songs every time. "Proud" comes on and I'm almost to 20 minutes...I decided to keep going. I am still feeling good...down to 4.2 miles per hour ....goal is now to do 2 miles....25 minutes passed..."Check on it" comes on and I breeze through the last few minutes at 4.4 ....two miles completed at 28.10. I slow down to a walk and walk the last two minutes as a cool down. I ran 2 miles....I am a runner.