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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Working out while sick

Ok, so I need some advice. I have the startings of a cold or perhaps allergies, too hard to tell at this point. My only symptoms are congestion and runny nose, but I am annoyed enough to stay home from work tomorrow.

My question is , do I skip the gym tonight or go....I will definitely not go to the gym tomorrow. Thats a rule in my family if you are too sick to go to work or school, no social type activities. Or at least it was a rule when I was little and I try to follow it.

That means I will miss my friday run , and if I skip tonight that will be two nights in a row i don't go to the gym. I could not go tonight and see how I feel tomorrow night.
I could go tonight, see how I feel and if it sucks go home.

In other news, I walked at the mall for 55 minutes this morning and took a 20 minute lunch time walk to subway, during both I felt fine.

Any personal experiences or opinions would help.

Running and Sneezing

I have a fear that I am getting sick. I am super congested today and feel like poo. I can only hope it is just allergies and not a cold.

Yesterday, we went to the gym afterwork. I have been changing at work to avoid changing in the locker room. Not that I mind changing in the locker room, other than it smells like body funk occasionally. I just don't think I need to waste more time by changing at the gym after we get there.
So my treadmill run started off the same as usual. Ran a mile without any major problems other then occasionally need to blow my nose. I did a 13 minute mile , and continued to run until the 15 minute mark, but I was having quad muscle pain and decided I should slow down and walk a bit. I walked a few minutes and then ran for 5 more minutes. Walked and ran the rest.

Total on Treadmill about 40 minutes (27 running)

I then moved to the eliptical and did 20 minutes there.