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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Strong as an Ox

We have a rather small office, about 12 people total, and most of the people in our office are no incapable of lifting due to age, doctor restriction, or lack of strength. We had about 15-20 boxes of books from a class we held this past fall that needed to be moved out to the recycling bin. I tried to recruit volunteers and got a few, but mostly got complaints such as we shouldn't be lifting things, hire some students etc.
So today at 9:30 about 5 of us started on the task. Now the boxes weigh anywhere from 20-50 lbs so we were using a cart to load the boxes and cart them down the sidewalk around the cournter to the recycling bin. Sadly, I was one of only 3 of us who could physically move the boxes so it took a while. I am not super strong, but I am used to moving things, and don't use the cop out...of oh I am a girl. Besides, I need to lift weights and I probably got in a good 15-20 minutes of strength training not to mention the walking too and from the dumpster.

In other news, I did a bit of strength training last night while watching tv, only about 10 minutes though as I was really tired for some reason last night.

Michigan is now moving on to the NIT final which is cool, GO BLUE. I hope my brother has fun at the game.

Going to run at the gym tonight, although I am a bit tired already.
I am mall walking again in the morning as well.