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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hanging with a 5 year old

So yesterday's adventure with the brother in law went well. We picked him up and he asked if were going to the movies to see chicken little, which we did the last time we took him out.
Silly kids.
We ended up at Red Robin for dinner. Very kid friendly and they have enough options so I could find something to eat. I had the chicken fiesta salad (or something like that) it was pretty good. I also had a fruit smoothie to avoid temptation of having a shake. The salad was yummy, but huge. I didn't finish.

We then took him home to our place and rented a incredibles for playstation for him to play. The game was fun but hard. Even with the hubby and I taking turns to help we couldn't get very far at first.

Overall things went well.

I finished my housecleaning earlier that day and managed to fit in a trip to the grocery store and some strength training as well. I also made peanut butter cookies ...i don't know why I was craving those. I bought a mix since i didn't have the ingredients and it seemed easier.
They turned out yummy and only 150 calories, and very low fat for two small cookies.

Strength Training 20 minutes
Jiggle Proof my arms and other misc exercises.

Today's plan to relax, hubby is still sleeping.... prehaps an afternoon walk.