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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Book 8 completed

I finished the Complete Book of Running for Women or at least as much of it as I can read for now, some of it isn't applicable, like menopause or pregnancy so I skimmed those sections. I think this book is a very helpful reference guide.

I am glad to have finished book 8. I am moving on to book 9, Smashed, which is about binge drinking. I saw the author on 20/20. So far the book is pretty good.

If anyone has any good running book recommendations, please let me know.

Oh how I hate losing things

So last night as I was getting ready to go to the gym, I realized that I couldn't find my ID. I had been keeping it with my gym stuff in an ID holder with my temp gym pass, but it wasn't there. I thought to myself, I recall possibly moving it back to my wallet on Monday before my trip to the pharmacy, but alas it wasn't there either.

I then proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes looking for it, I woke up hubby who was napping before going to the gym, to tell him of my dilemma, but he wasn't too helpful. I called the gym and the pharmacy, no sign of it. Hubby and I went to my work to double check I didn't leave it there, but no luck.

So I guess that means I have to make a trip to my favorite place in the world, the Secretary of State to get a replacement.

After I resolved that I wouldn't be able to find it, I headed to the gym, and proceeded to double check my usual lockers to make sure it wasn't in there. no luck.

I gave up again and headed to the treadmill. I was a bit worried about running since my blister is definitely not healed, but I thought running would help release some of the tension I was feeling.

I did the five minute warm up and then set the treadmill to 2.2 miles at 4.2 miles per hour and stated running. The run felt pretty good for the first 11 minutes or so. Then my foot started to hurt slightly, I managed 4 more minutes before feeling like I was making things worse. At this point I looked at the display and I saw that I had done a 15 minute mile and realized I just that as good as my run was going , wrecking my foot was probably not wise. So I cooled down for another 5 minutes ...testing the foot again briefly for another 1 minute run....but gave up.
Total time on Treadmill 25 minutes. 5 minute, Walk 15 minute 1 mile run, 5 minute walk

I then thought about using the bike, since the hubby was going to use the treadmill after finishing weights, but all the bikes were full, so I tried a different eliptical machine.

I tested the pressure on my foot and it felt good. This eliptical had more incline and resistance choices then the one I tried last time. I set the machine to target all muscle groups (quads, glutes, calves, something else I can't remember) I did that for 5 minutes, and then switched to 10 minutes glutes and quads. By then end my legs were tired and I realized I needed to go home and fix the bandage on the blister wound.
Total time on Eliptical: 15 minutes

Total work out yesterday 40 minutes.

I had hoped to go to the gym this morning, but that didn't pan out. Hubby is working late today so I am thinking I will do an at home workout, not sure which though since I lent my Biggest Loser to a co-worker for the rest of the week.