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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friday Run

Although I was scheduled to run today, I decided yesterday that I would run at the gym on Friday instead of running on Saturday. My reasoning being that it was supposed to be chilly this morning and since I am now paying for a gym , I think I would like to get the most use out of the treadmill while it is cold. My plan is to run M, W, F at the gym and then do other cardio on the other days with Sunday or Saturday being my rest day.
I was a bit nervous about running two days in a row and whether or not my body would be able to handle it. We got to the gym after I got off work and it was very empty. Prehaps because it was Friday, or because it was St. Patrick's Day and everyone was out having Green Beer (eew!!).

I found a treadmill overlooking the basketball courts and got started. I did the 5 minute warm up and then started jogging. I increased my speed a bit from Thursday...nothing drastic, I think my average speed was only 3.5-4. I ran for 20 minutes straight and was willing to keep going, but my left knee started to ache a bit, I think I landed wrong or something. Anyways I couldn't get my rhythm back and so I slowed to walking and then tried to run a few minutes later...but no dice. I continued to walk the rest of the time for a total of 30 minutes. ALthough I was disappointed with having to stop, I am glad I tried two days in a row and22 minutes or whatever it ended up being is pretty good.

I was going to do weights after, but my hubby wanted to go back to work to finish something so we headed home.
Today we have already been grocery shopping and I am about to do some housecleaning, while he watches basketball. Not sure if I will do a workout at home today or do it tomorrow.

Yesterday re-cap
Treadmill 5 minute walk,22 minutes running, 8 minutes walking