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Friday, March 17, 2006

Running indoors

Last night was my second night at the gym. I didn't run yesterday morning since I wanted to try doing my run on the treadmill which I have never done. My schedule called for walking 5 minutes then running 25, which I have never done.

We got to the gym about 5:30 and it wasn't too crowded. Both the hubby and I were crabby and went our seperate ways once we got to the gym. I headed to the treadmill while he headed downstairs to lift weights.

I found an open treadmill and got ready to go. There are two sets of treadmills at the gym, but at the time I only thought there was the one set which happens to be in front of a wall of mirrors. I would prefer to not watch myself while I run or watch others while they run as I know I'm slow and my form needs improvement, so I tried watching tv but it was at the wrong angle. I need to get over this or move to the other section.

Anyway, I set the pace on the treadmill pretty slow because I didn't want to fall off or anything. I didn't fall off, but i did bonk my head on the machine when trying to tie my shoe. It still hurts a bit. I also took off my watch and it fell on the treadmill so I had to jump off to rescue it.
After all this, I finished my warm up and started jogging...and I jogged and jogged and the time kept ticking away. I ended up running at a really low treadmill speed which I know next time I should increase at least a little . I think my average was about 3.5 mph. I really wanted to stop about 15 minutes in but I slowed my pace a bit and kept plodding. Soon 20 minutes were previous longest time. I kept going....the end was near. I was tired, sweaty, and wanted to stop but I didn't . In fact I did 25 minutes and then it was time for the cool down, but I pushed the treadspeed back up and rain for 3 more minutes and then cooled down.

After I was done, I went to the reclining bike to sit for a bit and stretch my legs a different way. At this point my hubby came up and said he was going to do the eliptical.
I wanted to do weights, but not alone the first time so I joined him on the eliptical which I had never done either.

My mistake ...since the eliptical was the same motion as running , I ended up being really tired after. I think i need to alternate eliptical and treadmill to different days.

What I did yesterday recap
Coach to 5k on treadmill 5 minutes walking 28 minutes running 2 minutes walking
Bike 5 minutes
Eliptical 25 minutes with 5 minute cool down

We are headed to the gym again tonight.