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Monday, March 13, 2006

still tired

I am still tired. not sure if it is jetlag or from the race yesterday. Hubby and I went for a 30 minute walk today and I think that may be the only workout I do tonight unless I decide to do a bit of strength training later.

I am worried about my run tomorrow since it is supposed to be very cold and windy. I am have to postpone until Wednesday....not sure.

We are going to look at a gym tomorrow night. Hubby's gym closed so we thought we would find one to join together. I will keep you posted.

30 minute walk
(hopefully weights)

1st day back

my first day back at work has gone by pretty ok. Because of my weird sleeping schedule I got to work at 7:30 today and get to leave very soon, which is good.

I managed get mostly caught up on things today. My office is way too hot because of the warm temperature outside, I have my airconditioning on high. Had painters in my office this afternoon, and am now feeling a bit ill from breathing in toxic fumes.

Shamrock 5k

So yesterday I was scheduled to walk in the shamrock 5k. I decided I would try to run the 25 minutes of the couch to 5k schedule and then walk the rest.

Race day I woke up at 7:30 and was anxious and I just wanted to get it overwith. Problem was the race didn't start until 2:30 and so we headed down at 1:30 to pick up our packets and it was already 65 degrees and sunny. It was disorganized and I had trouble finding wear to pick up our bibs, chips and shirts. My hubby decided to walk starting with the women instead of the men, so we had to wait around until 2:30 to start. By the start, I really knew I wasn't going to be able to run it. ...I saw the course and it was hillier then I thought. The race started and I walked my first five minutes with the hubby and then pulled away to run. I ran about 5 minutes and then walked for a bit and then ran some more. I started to get a side stiched and walked again. There were a ton of super fit young people and I felt really out of shape and slow. I walked until I felt like running and then ran not jogged for a segment and then moved back to walking when I was tired.

As I was running I realized a few things, one that I need to find a race that has better start time, that is not as hilly, and I need to practice more.

I finished in about 45 minutes....but at least I finished.