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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I survived

This morning was the second run of week 5 of couch to 5k. It involved walking 5 minutes running for 8
walking for 5
running for 8
walking for 5

It was cold again this morning about 20 degrees, but not very windy, which was good. I was nervous this morning both about my run and about my trip today. My stomach was a little upset, but I headed out. The walking felt good, cleared my head. The first run went pretty well.The only eight minute song I could find to run with was I will survive, coincidence? I think not. I ran the entire 8 minutes give or take the few seconds it took to re-tie my shoe. The second run was a bit harder, I stopped for about 45 seconds total during the run. I would run as long as i could, stop collect myself and then start running again. I think my first run in europe won't be the 20 minutes straight that is on schedule, but maybe running as long as I can and stopping and then trying again. I am not sure.

This will be my last blog before I leave. I hope to blog from europe, we will see how it goes. Hope everyone has a good week while I am gone.