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Monday, February 27, 2006

Fat Monday

So as discussed earlier, I had an evening of gluttony. We ended up at Red Robin (hubby's choice)

We ordered spinach dip as an appetizer, which we shared, but didn't finish. I had a turkey burger and fries. I eat the whole thing and now my tummy hurts.

I don't know what I was thinking.

I didn't work out this afternoon either. I was too tired..and had suitcase reorganizing (not to be confused with packing to do)

my suitcase weights 40 pds. Does moving it from room to room count as weight lifting

Couch to 5k week 5 30 minutes

Tomorrow I'm mall walking...which should help me get up in the morning.

Snowy Run

I probably forgot to mention this earlier, but in an effort to syncronize my running days with my mom who I will be traveling with , I am running this week on Monday , Wednesday (the day I leave) and then Saturday.

So this morning I woke up for my first week 5 run, and my first Monday Morning run. Once I was awake and ready to go, I realized it was snowing and added a scarf.

It was 20 degrees, wind chill 11, snow coming down pretty steady, just a dusting on the ground.

The run today was
Brisk five-minute warmup walk, then:
Jog 5 minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Jog 5 minutes
Walk 3 minutes
Jog 5 minutes

So besides the snow, the run seemed to go ok. It was really cold, but I didn't feel like such a slug today, which is good. I liked the snow, it made the run a bit more interesting. The change in music was also helpful.
This run's musical highlights : Lose Yourself -Eminem, Hate me Now-Nas, Mama Said Knock you out-LL Cool J

I didn't feel any stronger when running, no more sore or less sore. Just about the same.

My next run will be the day I leave so that should be interesting. I just realized that tomorrow is Fat Tuesday and since i run on Wednesday, I may indulge a bit tonight instead of tomorrow but who knows.

Falling Behind

I think I have too much on my plate right now and blogging seems to be what has falling by the wayside.

I am behind in reading blogs, and have little if no time to comment. Yesterday I finished the laundry and most of my packing and the housecleaning before heading out to the inlaws.

We had stuffed green peppers last night for dinner (or was 2:30) They were yummy. Then we went to watch my sister in law dance at church. Little did I know the church service would be 3 hours and then we still had to go back to their house for dessert. (which we should have skipped)

we got home at about 9 and I watched grey's anatomy and called it a night.

Sunday's What I did today
biggest loser high cardio 20 minutes