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Friday, February 24, 2006

Almost the weekend

Its almost the weekend and i am very glad. Busy day today, busier than I have aniticpated. I did manage to take a 30 minute walk this afternoon. Tonight I plan on eatting junk. I think french fries and a burger. I planned it this way to take an eatting day off on a day that I knew I was going to be with the 5 year old . I know i just have to remember moderation.

Things to do this weekend (more to remind me then anything else)
Pick up items requested by Nephew and Sister
Laundry (
Perhaps pick up more underwear
Clean the apartment
Finish Packing

Run !!
I am spending tomorrow morning/early afternoon out of the house so I am not sure when I am going to get all this done.



I don't think I have ever been so glad for a Friday in awhile. Friday means the phones are covered all day by students who are competent and I shall not be bothered. Friday means that only 7.5 hours until the weekend.

Yesterday evening ended up being a distaster. I was in a crabby mood. I was tired and annoyed by work. We ordered breakfast again and my omelet that was supposed to have onions, sausage and green peppers some how ended up with just onions and sausage, which isn't as tasty. I tried to work some more on packing, but realized I need to do laundry before I can finish. I admit to watching portions of American Idol while packing. Around 9:30 went to get something from the room where the hubby was playing video games only to see him frustrated because the game wasn't working. It would freeze after about 5 minutes of the game, but the sound and picture and stuff were fine So I spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out possible problems. The ps2 is brand new as is the game. I thought maybe the ps2 was over heated so we turned it off and went to bed at about 10:30.
I woke up at 4:30 this morning because I thought hubby was going to try to see if the game was working before going to work...but I think he was having a bad morning and didn't try. So at 5:15am I was playing NCCA football...with no clue how the game really worked. It did freeze again though. So then I tried other games that we had...although i don't know how to play them really easy. They all seemed to work without freezing.
So I think that he is going to just have to return the game and since we bought it less then 30 days ago that they will let him exchange it. If we will just pay 30 dollars to get a new one.

Back to bed I went, but I slept awful. I should have gotten up to work out this morning since we are babysitting my brother-in-law (age 5) tonight, but instead I dreamed about my mother-in-law.
So I guess today will just have to be my day off.