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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Random Running Rambling

Second day of week 4 began this morning at approx. 7 am . It was clear out and about 25. Wind was mild , I am guessing there was no wind chill. Getting outside felt good, even though I was a little tired from staying up to watch the pilot of Lost (which I am now eager to watch the whole first season).

the walk felt good, the first run was ok...I took my new route into the side street with the condo's. I don't feel bad running on this street instead of the sidewalk since it gets very little traffic.

the temperature felt good, warmest run I'd done in while. I noticed for the first time that I was able to think abit while running instead of having to focus on picking up my feet.

The first 5 minute run I did ok , I legs were a bit sore, but I wasn't super winded. The second 3 minute run I started to get tired and slowed my pass down to a very slow jog. I picked up speed just a smig for the start of the second 5 minutes , but quickly slowed down remembering that it was 5 minutes and i needed to pace myself.
I feel like I am doing a bit better at the five minute segments, but I am still exhausted when I finish and I know by this afternoon after sitting at a desk all day, that I am going to be still. I think I will go out and get lunch today..maybe that will help.

Couch to 5k week 4 - 30 minutes plus warmup
Lunch time walk to subway 15 minutes

( i feel like a slacker)


My work frustrations continue, and although I can't discuss it here, I really am so glad my vacation is coming because I'm about to snap. I think things get like this with my job about every 5-6 months where I feel like I am at wits end. Once I break from it and come back its usually not so bad. We shall see if that happens this time, it might be time for change.