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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Giving into Craving??

Today I didn't feel like cooking and so we ordered out again (second day in a row). We ordered breakfast food both days, omelets made with egg beaters, but I still feel guilty for not cooking and not eatting better.

Even worse what i really wanted tonight was a cheeseburger and fries. I know it is occasionally ok to have the foods you crave, but I also fear that such a indulgence could lead to a downward spiral.
I guess my question is this, is it a good thing to give into my craving? will my body understand that this is just a one time thing or will I want it all the time?

35 minutes couch to 5k Week 4!!!
20 minutes of biggest loser bootcamp(plus warm up and cool down) inspired by simbasmom's podcast

My Trouble with Tuesdays

Once again the woman who is supposed to answer phones on Tuesday mornings is out sick. Which means I get to answer phones from 8-12 and then again from 2:30-5.
I had anticipating eatting a lighter breakfast and an early lunch in an attempt to adjust my need for snacking. Well here I was at 11:15 hungry for lunch with no ability to have lunch until 12. So luckily I had a Pria Power Bar. I had picked up a few of these at the grocery store just recently and thought i would try them. They have 110 calories and 2 saturated fats, but they have a ton of good vitamins, and soy protein. I had the chocolate peanut butter crunch and it was pretty good. It will at least tide me over until I am able to have lunch.

I am so glad I am leaving on vacation one week from tomorrow, my office is starting to drive me nuts.

Tuesday running with tupac

So this morning was the start of week 4 of couch to 5k. I woke up this morning and was a bit nervous. The 4th week of program involves running for 5 minutes straight, which scared me. I got up though and started getting ready. The temperature at run time was 23 with a wind chill of 11. Still chilly, but much warmer then my Saturday Frozen Run. I had put my week 4 songs on my new shuffle last night, and I was excited to use it. I stretched and headed out, deciding this time to run on the paved side streets near the local condos. My first 3 minute run went ok, although like every Tuesday run I am excited to be running at all and I think I start off too fast. Remembering that I needed to pace myself, I slowed down. I knew when it was time for the first walk portion, which was only 90 seconds, that i needed to relax and prepare myself for the first 5 minute run. I managed to make it through the whole 5 minutes without stopping, I did slow down quite a bit by the tail end and was very ready for the walk. The next run of 3 minutes seemed to go quicker and i think i was moving faster least for part of it. By the last 5 minute run segment, as I ran to the sound to Tupac "Me against the world", I really just wanted to make it through. I was tempted to stop half way through, my legs were getting tired..but I knew if I slowed down I could make it...and I did. I really like that song for running, this verse seems to fit with my run

"The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons
Don't settle for less
even the genius asks-es questions
Be grateful for blessings
Don't ever change, keep your essence
The power is in the people and politics we address
Always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic
And when you get stranded
And things don't go the way you planned it
Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference
Politicians and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen
If I'm insane, it's the fame made a brother change
It wasn't nuttin like the game
It's just me against the world"

I think that the next run this week will be easier or at least less stressful. Hopefully by Saturday I will have mastered this and be ready to move on.

I really never thought I could run for 5 minutes straight. Let alone run 16 minutes total in one workout. I was tired when I finished, but not much more tired then I was any of the previous workouts so that was good.

It is supposed to be 40 when I run again on thursday so that is good.