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Sunday, February 19, 2006


I got a comment tonight that I read fast and I thought I would write a post about it. I am not sure what it is with me and books. It started when I was a kid. I would sit and read a book cover to cover. I loved reading. I loved being able to read a book and escape into the story. My mom worked at a bookstore when I was in junior high school and used to bring me home books. I read 30 books in one month in the sixth grade as part of the BOOK IT program.
I can't say that I read textbooks as fast as I read books for enjoyment, but I do like non-fiction as much as I do fiction.
If its a good book and I have the time, I could finish it in a few hours. I used to buy books more often then I do now, but have come to the conclusion that in order to feed my reading habit and not go broke, that libraries are the best thing for me. I don't usually have the time anymore to sit and read for long periods of time, but when I do I take advantage of it.
I have been know to stay up way passed my bedtime engrossed in a book, wanting to know what the ending is. I think reading for me is something that I don't take enough time to do, but when I do I remember why I love it so much.

I also read at work during lunch time, and my co-workers most all of whom don't read , think I am odd.

All day by myself

My hubby is working 13 hours today, which left me to a day all by myself.

I haven't been up to much. I did yoga this morning then laundry. Watched some reality tv, a episode of the lisa loeb dating show and yes an episode of There and back. Its all such trash. I then had lunch and watch more tv....this time relationship rehab (still more trash). I finally motivated myself to workout, which I just finished.

I now think that I am going tor read a bit before cooking dinner, and hopefully avoid watching more junk on tv.

I finished reading Prep(book 7) last night, it was pretty decent. It is about a girl from the midwest, who goes to a boarding school in new york for high school.

I just started Made in Detroit: a memoir.

Yoga buns and thighs 10 minutes
Yoga stretch 10 minutes
Biggest Loser warm up 5 minutes
Biggest Loser High Cardio 20 minutes
Biggest Loser Strength 20 minutes
Cool Down 10 minutes