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Friday, February 17, 2006

Resisting the temptation

Life seems filled with temptations lately that need to be resisted, funny that in addition to donuts and shakes, today's lastest urge is to exercise, even though my mom told me I needed a day of rest.
And she is right, I have worked out everyday in one way or another since 1/21. Some days I have done less then others, but everyday I did something.

Mom I was listening, I did try not to do anything , but the hubby wanted someone to work out with so I did 15 minutes of yoga.

So I know I need to work on taking a day off hear and there. I do listen I promise.

In other news, I am still running tomorrow even though it is supposed to be very cold. I think I am just going to have to figure out layers.

I am trying to finish Vanishing Acts, some parts are really good and others it seems to drag. I am too far into it to put it aside.

Waiting on me to finish for potential next reads are
Made in Detroit : a south of 8 Mile memoir
The Friendship Test
I also just bought The Complete Book Of Running For Women as well.

With the weather this cold and the hubby working all weekend , I think I will be able to get alot of reading done.

15 minutes of yoga (partial segments of yoga abs, and buns and thighs)

Office Temptations

Yesterday afternoon in the middle of my chocolate craving afternoon, I got an email from a woman in my office announcing that she was ordering shakes from a delivery place in town. These shakes are amazingly delicious and fattening. I resisted and did not order.

This morning after I am upstairs in my office eatting my light thick and creamy yogurt (which my husband went out special and got me 10 of...yay i love them) , someone sends an email announcing there are donuts in the kitchen.

I reply back and tell her thanks, but I am ignoring the fact that she sent the emial and she replies, "I guess I shouldn't tell you that they were warm when I brought them in" .

See what I have to put up with on a regular basis? We are all part of the office get fit movement mentioned earlier and yet they aren't working out and they are eatting like crap.

UPDATE: They ordered shakes again. I resisted. This is getting easier.

What's up with the Weather

it was 54 degrees last night with thunderstorms and this morning it was 20 and wind chill of 11. The wind gusts are 40 mph.

I am a bit worried about running outside tomorrow. I think if I just add another layer I might be ok. I don't like running in my apartment.