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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

OH no what have I done

Today we went to best buy after work and the hubby got his playstation two. He has been playing college football on it since about 7:00 with only a half hour break to eat. I love the michigan fight song, but really don't enjoy hearing it for three straight hous when Michigan isn't even playing. The game is in the guest bedroom, the hello kitty room, because I thought that it made more sense to put it in there since he wouldn't be using it all the time, that way we would have a dvd player in each room. So if i wanted to work out I could.

I now realize I need to get a new tv for the guest bedroom so I can hook the dvd player up to that or I need to move the tv and everything out to the living room and move the other tv to the back.

I feel as thought I have lost my santuary. Hopefully once the newess wears off a bit, he won't be playing non-stop...but I doubt it.

In better news, I ordered the ipod shuffle. I ended up getting it from amazon since it was cheaper there then from apple and came with a free dock and case. It should be here by Monday I think. This means I didn't get one that was engraved but since i couldn't make up my mind on what to engrave on it, it is fine.

I had no energy to work out after our shopping trip and setting up the game, but felt I had to do something so I did the easiest workout I have.

walk away the pds one mile dvd. (25 minutes)

Two Weeks from today

I will be at the airport getting ready to leave for my trip. I still haven't gotten my passport yet, but it has been processed and hopefully shipped so I should get it this weekend at the latest.
I have sort of begun packing or at least gathering things together to pack. I figure I will have time to work on that more this weekend since hubby will be working long hours.
I'm excited, but it seems like I have alot to do before then.


I forgot my glasses this morning. Luckily I can see without them. Life will just be a bit blurry today. I am nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in one eye.