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Monday, February 13, 2006

Bellydancing, and Roly Poly

I decided tonight to try a new workout, or at least a workout that I hadn't tried in years. My husband was watching tv on the tv with the dvd player, so I decided to try Belly Dance for beginners: fat burning I think I got this tape about 4 years ago if not longer, tried it once and quit after about 10 minutes.

I thought I would give it another try. It was pretty hard. It is not bellydancing, but a cardio workout based on belly dancing. No wonder it was harder then I thought the last time I bought it.
from the Amazon Review " This video does not teach belly dancing. It's a belly-dance-inspired cardio workout done barefoot. The routine builds from simple foot movements that establish rhythm to more intense moves with hops and jumps. Don't expect your belly to do the dancing in this video--the legs and feet do all the work here, except for some hip moves during the cool down. The routine is mostly simple, repeated foot patterns that develop in intensity, though not in complexity"

It requires alot of hopping, jumping and also moving on your tiptoes which works the calves.
I did it the whole way through, and it might be good to add in for an occasional change of pace.

After I did this work out and my other work out, my husband decided we were having wrap sandwiches from RolyPoly. They were really good. The only problem with this restuarant is that it is only open until 7 and we never think of it until after its closed.

We ended up renting 40 year old virgin tonight as well since there was nothing on tv. It was pretty funny, better than I had anticipated.

30 minutes Bellydancing
30 minutes biggest loser low cardio with stretching after.