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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Only Flurries

The only snow we got seemed to be flurries. Hardly any accumulation, not that I am complaining. I hear the east coast is supposed to get 8 inches. yikes.

I have had quite the productive day, I spent this morning and early afternoon cleaning the apartment and doing laundry. I then did a strength and conditioning workout before having lunch and showering.

I have also read the last two week's entertainment weekly magazines, which I was behind on. I am now going to read while the hubby works out and the hopefully I can convince him that a trip to trader joes or whole foods would be a good idea

Otherwise no plans for the evening, maybe we will watch a DVD or something.

Couch to 5k 25 minutes
Absolute Power Strength and Conditioning 40 minutes

Snowy Saturday

I woke up this morning to hear a weather forecast of snow. I looked out the window and saw the snow hadn't started yet here so I knew that unless I wanted to be running in heavy snow that I had to go out this morning. I left the house at about 9:20 am a bit later then my usual morning run, but since it was Saturday there and cold there was really no one out. I didn't wear my scarf which was a mistake, since flurries started soon after I got outside. It was about 30 degrees though so it wasn't really an issue. The run went well, I am a bit nervous about the up coming weeks of the training when the running increases substaincially. Although in my heart I am ready for it, I am not sure if my body can take it yet. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

In other news, I have already surpassed my weekly work out goal that I set up for the work challenge and the minutes don't re-set until Tuesday. When I set my goal three weeks or more ago, I thought 30 minutes a day was ambitious amount, but since I can factor in my morning walk to work in addition to my workouts which are at least 30 minutes a day, I am well over this. Today I cleaned the apartment and I get to count that time as well.

Running Playlists

I spent a good chunk of my evening planning out playlists that fit to the Couch to 5k schedule. I appreciate everyone's suggestions for songs. It made me remember songs I haven't listened to in a while and really liked.
If anyone would like suggestions for songs please let me know, as I've now got some good ideas. If I get enough interest I may post them here, otherwise I can email them to you.

Besides working on that last night, I finished book 5 of my 50 book challenge. I have 4 books from the library, and a few other book on my list to read. So I just need to pick whats next and I will let you know.

Tales from the scale, was pretty good. It definitely isn't a read all the way through book. I think it would be better as motivation over the course of time. I need to avoid reading books not meant to be read in one setting or straight through as it is slowing down my reading schedule.

I got some good books at the library that I should be able to read on my trip.

I also managed to avoid doing a workout last night, It was hard. I ended up doing 15 minutes of weight work since i hadn't done weights since tuesday.

(day off)
15 minutes strength training , arm work with weights and crunches.