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Friday, February 10, 2006

Only 2 more hours

There are only two more hours to the weekend starts, not that I have anything really planned for my weekend.
I have a bunch of stuff to pick up at the library, which means I really need to commit some time to reading this weekend. I don't think we are going out to dinner tomorrow since we went out last night, so prehaps subway or something easy cooked at home. I just found out that hubby has to work 70 hours next week so he won't be around much next weekend. So maybe we will go out. I plan on running tomorrow, so I may just do some weight work not from a tape tonight while watching tv, but of course I say this now and I will get home and feel like I need to work out.

I am trying to figure out a good place to go to dinner and possibly shopping in a a few weeks, the weekend before my trip. I was thinking of Great Lakes Crossing or 12 Oaks, but didn't know of any good. yet not completely healthy restaurants at or near either . I think I am leaning towards 12 oaks because it is closer.

My husband the hypochondriac

My day began abruptedly at 4:30 this morning when my husband woke me up. It took me three "huh?'s" to understand that he wanted me to look at his eye. Which after getting my eyes to focus on things, I looked at his eye and saw it looked a bit bloodshot but maybe just like he had rubbed it or something. He said "do you think I have pink eye" I said " I don't know doesn't look like it to me but i don't know what pink eye looks like", "do you have any pain or symptoms?" He said "no, its just red..what should I do?" I said "I'm tired and I have no clue" which meant "3 minutes later I was on the internet attempting to find the symptoms of pink eye". Mean while he was just standing in the bathroom staring at his eye .. I said" start getting ready for work do can't just stand there obsessed."
So I went on webmd and found out that pink eye has many symptoms of which he had none other then the red eye. Told him to take some eyedrops and get ready for work and let me know if it didn't get any better.
Of course it got better and is fine.

Now this isn't the first time my husband thought he had some ailment or another. There was the time he had a stomach ache after drinking milk among other things and he was convinced he was lactose intolerant.

or the time he coughed during the summer and was convinced he had allergies. I said do you have itchy eyes, throat, ears or nose like I do all summer ? he said no.

So needless to say, i tend to get a through assessment of the situation before believing his ailment.

I did go back to sleep until I was supposed to get up , but never quite as soundly.