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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shopping, Eating and exercise oh my

Today afterwork, we decided to go to Meijers because I had heard that they had a sale on the south beach wraps (which are like lunchables) that I really like. They were 2 for 5 and if you buy 6 you got 5.00 off a clothing purchase. So I got six wraps and I got a running shirt for only 3.99 as a result. After shopping we decided to go to Fridays, I had the santa fe chicken salad, one of their lower-fat options. It was 500 calories and less then 10grams of fat. It was pretty good, next time I would order it with the dressing on the side as it was really hot. My mouth was burning. I ate 3/4's of it. I also am not a fan of iceburg lettuce, it tends to upset my tummy. So we shall see. My husband ordered one of the 3 course combo, so I had a bit of the chips and queso, mostly chips, a little queso. He got key west shrimp as his meal and said it was very good. I don't like fish.

For dessert, he got the cinnabon cheesecake which we both had 2 spoonfuls of. It was just like a cinnabon.

After we got home , the hubby felt guilty because he hadn't worked out and said he was going to do the Biggest loser high cardio.

I must be a glutten for punishment , since I decided to join him, despite know I shouldnt do more cardio after running this morning,
but I did anyway.

IT was a good work out and I don't feel too bad. I am pretty sure I will never workout after eatting again. Also, I had a calf cramp in the middle of the football drills but otherwise it was good.

Couch to 5k (week 2) 25 minutes
Biggest loser High cardio with warmup and modified cool down. 30 minutes

Cold Morning

This morning I woke up to and it was 12 degrees with a windchill of 2. Today was my scheduled day to run and I was determined I was not going to let the cold stop me. I decided that if I wore the same outfit as last time but added a scarf that I would be ok. I headed outside at about 7:00 am, the sun had yet to come out. The streets were empty, but I could see clearly from the street lights. There was very little wind and it didn't seem much colder then Tuesday morning so I thought it would be ok. I took the same path I did last time, since I knew it well. The running portions went fine, I found it harder to breath through the scarf so I pulled it down a little on the run portion. Once I was warmed up from the activity I didn't really feel the cold at all which is good. The sun also came out, which I am sure warmed the temperature at least a few degrees. I am beginning to enjoy running more and actually look forward to the run segment, that isn't to say I'm not ready for the walk portion when it comes time. I finished my route and headed at about 7;28 and got ready for work and left the house in time to catch the bus. Of course I forgot my IPOD which made the walk to work from the bus stop a lot less enjoyable.

I wore the inexpensive shoes I already had for the run and they feel I am wondering if I need new shoes now at all ...or if I should wait until I am running longer distances.

Shoe Decision

I have yet to decide if I am keeping my shoes from zappos. I wore them last night in doors for cardio and thought maybe they might rub wrong on my foot. I am beginning to think that I might return these and hold off buying new shoes until I know exactly what I want. I don't know though.