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Monday, February 06, 2006

Monday Night Recap

I tried long and hard to find something to watch tonight on tv and failed. I don't think I can stay up to watch Medium tonight. I'm tired.
I just had a light breyer's fudge bar, and it was very yummy.

I did two workouts today back to back..not sure what got into me.
Tomorrow I start the fitness challenge at my work. We are supposed to record minutes we do activity each day. A month ago my numbers would have been pitiful, but now if I include walking from the bus stop to work on most days, I should get at least 45-1 hour in each day.

Walk and kick 33 minutes
Biggest Loser low cardio 25 minutes, with 5 minute cool down
Total: 53 minutes


Today work is pretty slow, which has resulted in an afternoon of snacking. Luckily the only snacks that were within reach were semi-healthy. This afternoon I had grapes (meant for my lunch but forgetten in the refridgerator upstairs), 100 calorie chips deluxe, a reduced fat granola bar and some quakes now granted that was only like 350 calories total, I can't believe I just ate all that within the span of 4 hours. I think its because I'm tired and bored. I must work on fixing that.
I got a pedometer today as a part of the fitness program that starts tomorrow at my work. It will be interesting to see how many steps I take a day.

A little over 3 weeks

Thats how long it is until I will be in Europe. I am still waiting on my passport, but it is set to arrive next week. I need to start thinking about what to pack and what size suitcase to bring etc. So those of you with ideas and info please Help.

I stayed up too late

I am very tired this morning. The result of watching all of the superbowl and then staying up to watch Grey's Anatomy. Superbowl festivities went well ,my young brother and sister in law were in rare form yesterday, alternating between really hyper (too much sugar) and really bratty.
I did pretty well food wise, I had baked chicken wings, chips and chunky corn and bean salsa, peas (i am not sure this goes with the rest of the food, but needed another veggie), and a small piece of apple pie. I didn't feel like I over ate, although I did eat more then I usually do on a normal basis. I think because I spaced the food out and tried to make healthier choices it was good.

I am glad the superbowl went well in Detroit, It is good to see Detroit get good press for once.
Grey's Anatomy was good, disappointed that it was continued though.