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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Superbowl coverage started at 8am this morning, crazy. Unlike Mouse, I didn't see any celebrities or venture down to Detroit at all. Perhaps if the weather had been better, or we lived closer. I was wrong, we have 4 inches of snow according the newscast.

It is almost noon here and I've finished my workouts for today. Hopefully I can eat in moderation at the in-laws (where we are watching the superbowl) . I think we are having chicken on the gas grill.

Yoga stretching 10 minutes
Carmen's Striptease 15 minutes
Biggest Loser low impact cardio and with warm up and modified cool down. 35 minutes

Date Night

Last night was date night. It was pretty miserable yesterday weather wise, but we decided not to let that stop us. We went to the movies, my pick this time, and saw Something New.
This for those of you who have never heard of it, is a new movie starring Sanaa Lathan. In the movie, she is a financial analyst who can’t seem to find anyone to date that mets her many standards. One of her co-workers sets her up on a blind date and shocker the man happens to be white. She ends up being really rude to him, but hires him as her landscape architect because he is talented. The movie is about her coming to terms with the idea that she may love someone who isn’t the ideal she thought she wanted, namely because he is white. I don’t want to go into the details of the movie, but do want to say that I found it to be a good romantic comedy. I liked the fact that it was a somewhat intelligent film, that the characters were smart and professional. I think it shows that prejidice against interracial couples isn’t restricted to one side of the relationship or the other. It also had enough comedy and good debate that the hubby actually walked out saying he liked the movie and he doesn’t like romantic comedies usually.

After the movie, we went to dinner at Applebee’s since I knew they had something I could eat without figuring out the calories etc. I had the confetti chicken and it was good. I made the mistake of having the weightwatchers chocolate cake dessert, which although good ended up giving me a stomach ache a bit later. I think it has something to do with the sugar alcohol used in low calorie chocolate. Remind me to avoid that.

We also ended up going grocery shopping last night since we were done with the movie/dinner early and had planned to go Monday.
Trip was uneventful other then the fact I had to go to two krogers to find the stuff we wanted and managed to leave my purse at the first kroger and had to go back. Luckily it was still in the cart , in the snow.

Speaking of snow we now have about 3inches of snow on the ground with possibly more to come.

Friday Recap (also eaten by blogger)

I posted two posts friday only to have blogger literally eat them. They are gone. I posted them and they didn't appear. Friday night recap:I got my new shoes from zappos and decided to wear them while working out indoors because I wasn't sure they were the right thing. The hubby and I decided to be adventureous and try something new so we did the biggest loser bootcamp. It is only 20 minutes, how hard could it be we though... The answer is hard. It was intervals of arm work with weights mixed with jumping jacks, push up, squats and just plain jumping. It was a good work out but it was tiring. I also realized that although my new shoes are cute and comfortable.I have come to the realization they aren't meant for running or cross training and so I am returning them. I have ordered another pair of shoes.

WIDT 20 Minutes Biggest Loser Bootcamp

Running in the Rain -posted 2/4

I seem to be having a problem posting. Blogger keeps eating my posts. After it happened the first time I have been saving them in word just in case. Here is my post from yesterday

So even though it was raining and miserable out this morning, I decided at to go out and do my run/walk inside. I don't really have enough room in my apartment to do this workout properly. I often find myself stoping and starting again because I've run out of room.So I threw on some sweatpants (with a pocket for my ipod) and a sweatshirt and went out for my workout.
The rain wasn't that heavy. I started my brisk walk warm up as I made my way to the nearby park. I then made a decision to just run in the park rather then on the side streets near the decision was based on the fact that I didn't want to fall on cement if I fell while walking or running and there was less people who would see me running in the park then if i went on the sidewalk. I need to get over my anxiety of what people would think. Maybe when I am running longer.

That being said the park was actually a good place to walk and run, a bit muddy but otherwise empty and enough space that i wasn't going in circles.I finished and walked back to my apartment as the cooldown. By the time I got the few blocks home I was exhausted. I can tell that I got a better workout outside then inside. I am not sure how I will do moving on to week two next week as 1 minute of running is just about enough right now...we shall see.

WIDT :couch to 5k week 1 , 25 minutes plus 5 minutes cool down.