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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Time for bed

Well my husband finally got his w-2's today and I thought I would figure out our taxes online to see how much we would be getting back. Of course I waited to do this until 9:00pm because I had to exercise and eat dinner and of course watch gilmore girls.

So i think ok this should be a breeze and for the most part it was, other then the fact that we owe money instead of getting a refund. I am not sure what we did wrong, but I think somewhere we didn't fill out one of the tax forms right after we got married. Luckily my husband gets his bonus check from work next month so I will just use some of that money to pay the money we owe. Luckily we are getting money back from michigan so it won't be as much money as I originally thought, but still a big bummer.

20 minutes Couch to 5k training (I shall blog about this tomorrow when i have energy)
25 minutes biggest loser strength training

I'm exhausted and am going to bed. As Annie says the sun will come out tomorrow.

Jumping Jacks

Since getting the biggest loser dvd, which includes a jumping jack portion, I have been reliving my youth and not in a good way.

In high school for gym class, we had to do exercises as a class. This wasn't bad, except for the jumping jacks.

The instructors thought it would be a good idea for us (guys and girls as I recall although my memory is cloudy) to do jumping jacks all together in rhythm with counts.

I can't recall how many were had to do, but I think it was a fairly decent number. The kicker being if anyone got out of rhythm, we had to start over.

I wasn't physically fit in high school and I dreaded doing the jumping jacks because I had a constant fear that I would mess up and be the reason we had to start over.


I admit it I'm a snacker. And I realize that is something I need to overcome or modify.

I think sometimes when I get bored, especially at work, I think food is the solution. I have been better at making smarter snack choices and limiting my snacking, but I wondered if any one had any advice or tips on this.

I also wonder if I'm not eatting enough at lunch which is what is making me want to eat more in the afternoon.

Tired Tuesday

I am tired today and I'm not sure why. I didn't stay up too late last night nor did I get up too early. Yet I keep yawning.

The good news is that my muscles aren't sore haven't been as sore from working out or at least not as sore for so long, which I think is a good sign.

At least four people in my office have been sick on and off this week and I am hopeful that I am not going to get sick. I have been trying to avoid the sick people and have been taking vitamins so hopefully it will skip me this time....*fingers crossed*

I'm on phones again this afternoon so I am sure I will be back to update more later.