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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday Update

In just an hour or so I will be off to my in-laws for the usual Sunday Dinner. I really hope its not roast. Sundays end up being my hardest days to eat right because my schedule is messed up on Sundays. I eat breakfast a bit later then I should, although today i did have breakfast by 10, which is better then when I would just skip breakfast on Sundays.
The biggest problems with sundays is that as I said I am going to my inlaws at about 3 and that means we will get there about 3:30 which means probably we will be eatting dinner by 4:15. ..which is really way to early.

Now had I gotten up earlier today , I suppose i could have had break fast earlier, lunch earlier and dinner early, but as you see that didn't work out. In fact I just finished eatting a small lunch since I was hungry after working out, and now I doubt I will be that hungry at "dinner time"

The other problem with Sundays is that we usually have a meal like roast or something I don't really like and a dessert that ends up being really bad for me.

We didn't go over last weekend as you may recall because of football so I was able to avoid this last week. I think this week I will just pick and choose what I eat and maybe only eat a small portion of dessert if at all.

Anyways, I had come to blog about my workouts today and ended up babbling...oh well.

Workouts went good. I did the biggest loser strength training, which is a really good ab workout and then I tried the Cardio Hiphop, but got frustrated and turned it off after 2 minutes. I switched to Carmen who is much easier to follow and more fun.

Biggest Loser strength training workout with warm up and cool down 40 minutes
Carmen Electra Striptease #1 20 minutes
Cardio Hiphop(i tried) 2.5 minutes.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get up early and work out alittle before work since I have dinner plans tomorrow with friends and don't want to feel too rushed. Although I suppose I will honestly end up working both times.

Book 4 Completed

I just finished What do you do all day? , a chick-lit novel about a stay at home mom. This book is very similar to How does she do it? . The book was cute although it took me a while to get into the characters, which usually doesn't happen in good chick-lit.

Now on to book 5 which I got from the Library and should be a very quick read. The book, Tales from the scale, is actually a complilation of many different blogs into short story format.

A good way to make blog reading count toward the book challenge