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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chore Day

Its Saturday and sadly that means chore day for me. My husband (formerly known as bagelboy) had to work 11 hours today and so I decided to clean. Cleaning is always easier when he isn't around. I got up at a pretty reasonable time and started tackling the chores. I did two loads of laundry, changed the sheets, vacuumed, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen, and dusted all dustable surfaces. It was good to see and feel a sense of accomplishment.
I contemplated using today as my day off from working out, but since I was home alone with no one to interrupt my workout, I thought I should take advantage of that. I also remembered that I have a concert to go to on Thursday and would only be able to take a walk that day and not work out. So I decided that Thursday would be my day off this week.

I did the workout I had planned for today and then a few hours later decided to do the Carmen Electra video again. It is more fun then workout, although you do get some good hip and butt work. It is entertaining and a good change of pace . She does and instructional portion and then a you get to do the routines to music. They seem pretty easy to follow.

Biggest Loser - Low Cardio with warm up and cool down 40 minutes
Carmen Electra- Warm up and two routines 20 minutes

3 weeks and counting

I decided 3 weeks ago today that I needed to start working out and eatting better. I've known that I needed to do this for quite a long time, but it always seemed like such an uphill battle. I am not sure what the exact motivation was for me to try again this year, but here are some of the reasons.
  • its a new year and and I felt the need to set some sort of new year's goal for myself after reading other blogs and seeing how motivated people were.
  • I realized that if my sister could do it, so could I
  • After being sick twice in one month at the end of last year, I realized that I really do take my health for granted and need to try to be more healthy.I decided I want to buy my clothes at any store I want to not just stores that have clothes in my size.

I haven't been physically fit for my whole adult life, and exercising isn't something that I've ever naturally feltl motivated to do, but I decided to try

3 weeks later, and I'm still at it and I'm not going to give up easily. I know I have an uphill battle ahead and I that have to keep motivating myself to keep moving, but I think I can do it.

I am thankful that I have people reading my blog that are helping me feel motivated and giving me advice, and I am thankful for other bloggers that seem to be going through the same things I am so I know that I am not alone.

I think that it is getting easier for me to find food to eat that is healthy and that making the right food choices is starting to not be a complexing idea.

I actually like exercising now, and I miss it when I don't have time to do it. Hopefully this doesn't wear off.

Ipod in the cold update

Seems like I am getting alot of referrals regarding what to do with your ipod in the cold.

Here is the official statement from the apple website "You may find that playing an iPod in a very cold environment decreases battery life. Unlike a hot environment, this is a temporary condition. Once molecules in the battery warm up, the battery will return to its previous capacity" . I guess that means we have nothing to worry about, I still am thinking of putting mine in a sock or a glove to keep it warm.